Bryant Ju

Graphic Design


I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, and confident perfectionist based in Houston, Texas.

I help the people and community I work with make functional yet elegant brand identities that may involve heart-warming imagery.

When I’m not designing, you can find me being inspired by watching animated cartoons, thinking about how to improve my skincare routine, and sketching down doodles that long to be on paper.

Let’s dive headfirst into a project together. I promise I’ll only be shy for the first minute of our call.

With a background in studio art (Go ‘Nads and Hook ‘Em!) and a passion for communicating visual stories, I discovered that art asks questions whereas design answers them. Together, I believe that the balance between these two practices can create unique solutions for anyone who has an idea.

My work helps people better navigate spaces by bringing clarity and ideas to the forefront, devoid of any excess clutter. My designs are research-focused and thought-provoking, making people question why things are the way they are. How do I get people to slow down and care more, to be empathetic and mindful of the present?

With this practice, I hope to create designs that are sincere and make this world a better place.

© BRYANT JU 2020

Momentum HR

Mark Carberry

Human Resources
Identity System

Stock Images, CB2 Furniture
Momentum HR is an HR consulting company that provides human resource partnerships and guidance for organizations and individuals in need of results.
My goal was to bring a human-centered design approach for a company whose core purpose revolves around helping people obtain their career goals.

Although this concept didn’t come to life, in the end, it’s a project that I’m proud to document and have been able to work on with Mark.

The wordmark indicates the shifting push and pull of momentum people have in their career.

Design Inspiration

The business name originally came up during the brand consultation with Mark. He wanted to continue his day job, but start this company on the side while building momentum in the background. After looking over our notes, we decided the word was a perfect signifier for different reasons: momentum represents the strength or force that allows a person to grow stronger and faster as time passes.
I wanted to make sure the design was the right balance of professionalism and approachability. We took the idea of how someone were to walk into Mark’s office for help and translated that sense of emotional connection with soft tones and pictures of wood in a variety of mediums.

Mathematical Drawings

While looking deeper into a way to extend the brand’s visual language, I researched into how momentum was used in physics and math. I found a book that Sir Isaac Newton wrote (the well-renowned English Mathematician). The “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy” laid the fundamentals of classical mechanics, laws of motion, and the law of universal gravitation.
His math equations served as a jumping point of inspiration and a foundation for our linework illustrations. Everyone needs different resources or solutions to figure out the next direction of their career path or business. Using logical methods and reasoning, Momentum HR helps people discover what they wish to navigate towards next.